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Ch-ch-ch-changes - 2023 Edition

The DCEU is dead, long live the DCU

Comic Artists are wrong about AI Art

Is Shipping dangerous?

You need to #FOCUS

Elon and Trump will fix Comics

Would-be Creators, NOW is the time!

Are you not enthused???

No leadership = No future

Tie-in comics don't work

One change could have saved She-Hulk

The failure of Jon Kent & the Bros film

The 4 parts to emotion in comics

The trouble with Tim and Harley

If you don't like it, you're wrong

When is a joke not a joke?

Fandom push back is like Peanut Butter(?)

Party in the front, Business in the back

Fandoms are always right

Are Comics art or product?

How to make a villain for your hero

Were things better in the past?

Was the return of SDCC (2022) worth the wait?

Is decompression in comics wrong?

Give your character a goal

Know thy customers

Research is mandatory, not an option

The right way to do a mantle swap

Misrepresentation in PRIDE comics

What comic writers can learn from top comic artists

The fractured line between editor and creator

Are public domain characters worth pursuing?

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No emotion = no readers

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The importance of family in comics

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Are you asking "Good Questions" or "Bad Questions"?

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Where are the strong, black, male superheroes?

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Will DC Comics survive?

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How was your week? (and an Apology)

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Superman, DotD, & One Piece

Who like toys and collectibles?

Manga does this better than any Western comic

Not everyone should write comics

I was in hot water this week

Talkin' 'bout Manga and more

Promote your comics the Jesus way

Why fandom matters

The lack in Indie Comics

The power of partnership

Censorship is bad and Water is wet

Talking about DC Comics and more

We're playing catch-up

Results of our Podcast survey

My New Year's Anti-Resolution